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Why choose a business line of credit?

A business line of credit is becoming a more popular option for business owners seeking finance due to the flexibility it offers.

Business owners are granted a maximum spending limit with this financing arrangement, but they only spend what they need and will have access to the money once the loan is paid off.

If you currently have a business credit card, you should look into obtaining a business line of credit. New York Tribeca Group is happy to discuss which financing options are best for your cash flow and spending needs. For more information, please contact us, or continue reading to discover more about how a business line of credit works.

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How to qualify for a business line of credit

Getting funding for your business is now easier than ever. Because of online technology, funders may now easily insure a firm with fewer paperwork and documentation.

  • 3+ months in business
  • $110K+ annual revenue
  • 550+ credit score

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What is it and how it works

Business lines of credit are similar to credit cards in that they have a limited amount that may be utilized and that amount reverts to being accessible after the card is paid off. The difference is that this is done on a much bigger scale, making it more suitable for major purchases and cash flows in small businesses.

A business line of credit works like this: your company is authorized to spend up to a certain amount. You may keep buying and paying off as if it were a credit card as long as you repay enough to stay inside the limit.

Each funder and lender, on the other hand, will have their own set of guidelines for acquiring financing. You could have a credit limit on your credit card. Through an online login, you might be able to get information like remaining available use, current balance, current interest, and so on. You may be approved for a particular amount, but you will need to file a request each time you wish to make a large purchase. The type of funding is important to consider when evaluating how much liquidity your firm has and requires.

Pros and cons of a line of credit compared to loans

Business credit cards are easy to get and are commonly used for regular costs like office supplies, postage, and technology. Because the amount of money is similar, most business owners equate business lines of credit to business loans.

  • A loan is frequently used to lend a certain amount of money for a specific project or purpose. There will be no need to borrow any more money after this one-time borrowing.
  • Depending on your credit score or other documents, both have varying costs.
  • For a line of credit, monthly updated bank statements may be necessary to verify that the business is still in excellent health as it was when the original amount was granted.

What do I need to qualify for a business line of credit

Because program and contract criteria change, it’s a good idea to have all of your documents on available. The sooner you submit your documentation, the sooner your application will be approved and paid!

  • Several months of business bank statements
  • Driver’s license
  • Tax returns
  • Credit Score
  • Balance Sheet

It’s a good idea to apply for financing well in advance. You’re more likely to get accepted for the finest pricing and terms if your firm is in good health. If you wait until you’re in a financial bind, getting cash will be more difficult. A line of credit is great for building up a rainy day fund since you have it on hand and just pay for what you need.

How do I apply?

To apply for a business line of credit, just fill out the form on our website, or phone us if you have any questions. Make a decision on how much you want to put on your credit line. Examining your balance sheet and estimating the utmost amount you would need for purchases while still being able to pay them back can assist you in determining the optimal amount for you. Monthly minimums, interest, early payback options, and the ability to increase credit limits are all features of credit lines, much like credit cards.

Benefits of a business line of credit

As a result of internet money transactions, credit lines have become a popular choice for company owners. You may get the money you need right away to grow your business, and you can keep track of your account online.

Credit restrictions that are reduced Business lines of credit are typically unsecured (no real estate or merchandise is required), but larger loan amounts may require some kind of collateral for the funder’s protection.

Merchants can also seek an increase in their credit limit if they have an extra income source and a business opportunity that demands more funding.

Finally, the main benefit is that you only pay for what you use.

A business line of credit vs. a credit card

Despite their similar names and purposes, a line of credit and a credit card have major distinctions. To begin with, a corporate credit card’s credit limit might be as low as a few thousand dollars, if not hundreds of thousands. Depending on the backer, a line of credit can be worth up to a million dollars.

Second, a term limit can still be put in place. A credit card is issued for an indefinite length of time, with the assumption that it would be used for many years. Credit lines, like loans, can be restricted for a certain period of time. You may require revolving credit as a long-term cash flow cushion or for a few years of growth (more than six months of short-term financing), but you will ultimately outgrow the necessity.

Finally, interest rates are expected to rise as a result of the large quantity of cash on hand. Credit cards, in general, but not always, have lower APRs and usually give incentives and prizes for spending and paying down a portion of your balance.

Pitfalls of taking on credit

There are pitfalls to be aware of while using this form of fundraising, just as there are with any other. Many people, both company owners and ordinary consumers, find themselves in debt because they spend as if they have infinite resources. Credit cards, lines of credit, and other kinds of financing are not given to your business as a gift. In addition, the money spent demands the payment of interest. It’s essential to spend carefully and only put money into opportunities that will pay off.

It’s tempting to go overboard when you want the finest for your business, but make sure you can afford it. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a position called as cash advance fast sand, where you take out more loans to pay off your prior debt.

Debt is an inescapable part of owning a business. There’s no need to be frightened of obtaining a line of credit to obtain more operational cash and develop your business. Simply be cautious, and if you ever feel your payments are exorbitant or your firm is overly leveraged, talk to your backer about other options. They’d prefer you make smaller payments but stay current on your obligations than default and go bankrupt because that’s a lose-lose situation for everyone.

Got some questions?

A business line of credit is a revolving loan with a fixed amount of capital that can be accessed at any given time. 

Similar to a small business loan, a BLOC gives your business the financial ability to use funds for short-term business needs. 

The major benefit of a BLOC is that you only pay the interest on what you use, not the entire amount.

After opening a business line of credit, you’ll receive monthly statements on the amount of credit used including the interest rates. 

For a small line of credit, advances can be earned if your account is in good standing and you’re making your payments on time.

A business line of credit is a revolving loan with a fixed amount of capital that can be accessed at any given time. Interest is only paid on the credit used. 

A credit card is a set amount of money from a bank in which there is agreement that the minimum of any money used should be repaid by a specific due date. 

In addition, a BLOC is limited to what purchases can be made.

A business term loan gives you a higher dollar amount, fixed rates, and longer repayment terms  making them better for financing long-term. 

A business line of credit is better for short-term resolution including covering payrolls gaps, inventory repairs, or emergency aid. 

To figure out which financing option works best for you, gather your numbers and create a plan to see which benefits you better. 

There are a variety of business lines of credit which makes this financing option one of the more popular ones. The top within the United States include:

  • Asset-Based Financing
  • Bank Lines of Credit
  • Short-Term Lines of Credit 
  • Long-Term Lines of Credit 

Although similar, each line of credit has it’s slight differences for specific use. Research each kind to make sure you’re applying for the correct line for your business needs. 

BLOC’s are beneficial in the fact that you have lower APRs than credit cards, have unlimited access to your funds, and have flexible repayment options.

The downside of BLOC’s include higher interest rates, obtaining a high balance can decrease your credit score.

Financing options don’t cost anything up front. There will be interest rates and fees down the line but they will be included in repayments.

We recommend that you calculate how much the business line of credit will cost you by using our calculator.

It’s simple! Just fill out our online application or give us a call and speak to one of our representatives who can help guide you through it. 

Upon applying, review your business’s following: 

  • Annual/Monthly Revenue
  • Length in Business
  • Credit Score

We review these factors to help make our final decision. Meeting minimal requirements still gives you a likely chance.

Every lender provides different qualifications for their business. We prefer that your business has been running for a good amount of time, a year and beyond is recommended.

A healthy business is vital because it gives the overall summary of how your operations have been running. A good credit score is important but it is not the major key to making or breaking your approval rate for a line of credit.

A helpful tip: avoid applying for a BLOC when your business is declining. It’s better to obtain one when in good standing. 

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